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25 July 2010 @ 10:38 pm
BPAL including Chaos samples, Ava Luxe, Lush, high end perfume samples  

Wow, it's been so quiet round here recently!

Please purchase 2 or more imps to make postage worthwhile! Postage in the UK: £1.50 for imps/samples, £2.50 for bottles and £3.50 for Lush stuff (sorry, it's heavy...) I accept all types of Paypal and have feedback under my user name on the BPAL forum.

BPAL 5ml Bottles
Khajuraho 2007 (completely new and untested - backup bottle) £8
Honey, date palm, tuberose, davana blossom, amber, white sandalwood, vanilla bean, Damask rose, and champaca flower

Thirteen (Orange Label) Approx 4ml left £6
Cocoa and vanilla beans, Mysore sandalwood, star fruit, orange rind, red amber, fig leaf, mimosa, rooibos tea, bourbon geranium, rose otto, nutmeg, and lavender

Chaos Theory decants £2

The Vanilla Series 338

The Amber Series 157

BPAL LE decants £2
El Dia De Reyes
Feast for the Greatly Revered Ones
Frau Holle
Gemini 2007
Huesos de Santo
Labores Solis
Season of the Inundation
Smoky Moon
Sugar Cookie 2005 (in shortie bottle)
To Autumn
Virgo 2007
White Chocolate, Marshmallow and Coconut

BPAL GC Imps £1.50
Blood Amber
Death on a Pale Horse
Dian's Bud
French Love
Herbert West
High Strung Daisies
Jersey Devil
The Temptation
Whoso List To Hunt

Ava Luxe

Doll Face 5ml perfume oil £11
A soft and innocent, yet slightly flirtatious, scent. Heliotrope and light musk are blended with sweet vanilla. Notes : heliotrope, violet, French vanilla, light musk, white musk.

Ava Luxe samples (all 1ml and £2 unless otherwise stated)

Egyptian Musk EdP
A soft, clean, creamy skin musk that is perfect for layering with other scents

Sheer Musk EdP
A light, sheer, powdery musk fragrance

China Pearl EdP
A dewy green Chinese musk that is light, clean and fresh

Olibanum EdP 1.5ml in spray bottle £2.50
A clean and subtle incense perfume that is great for meditation and raising spiritual vibrations. It features notes of African Olibanum absolute, sensuous musks, Javanese sandalwood and agarwood.


Canaan 4ml in bottle £6
Warm milk, sticky bronzed honey, succulent grapes and berries, and exotic perfume - Tunisian jasmine, tuberose, the indolent lily of the valley, and Madagascar cloves.

Embargo 1ml sample £1
Indonesian Patchouli spiked with imported spices - cloves, sandalwood, and cedarwood, and a drop of perfume - Tunisian jasmine, tuberose, lily of the valley, grape and Tahitian vanilla.

Possets Perfumes 1ml samples £1
Balthazaar 2009

Other perfume

L'Artisan Parfumeur Dzongkha 1ml £2
Smoky teas, ancient leathers, woods mixed with spices and veils of incense

L'Artisan Parfumeur Mure et Musc 1ml £2
Wild blackberry, musk, citrus

Annick Goutal Les Nuits d'Hadrien 1.75ml £2
Green Mandarin, tangerine, bergamot, Sicilian lemon, ylang-ylang, cumin, sandalwood, white musk, amber, vanilla

Serge Lutens Daim Blonde EdP 1.2ml spray £2
 A rare, subtle "ladylike" leather fragrance, this chypre floral scent has notes of Tuscan iris, apricot kernel, musk, hawthorn, jasmine, cardamom and heliotrope

Serge Lutens Fleurs d'Oranger EdP 1.2ml spray £2
A stunning Floriental fragrance that blends orange flower blossoms, white jasmine and tuberose from India along with white rose, green notes, musk, cumin and nutmeg

The Body Shop Love Etc... EdP 2ml £1
Topnotes of pear, neroli, bergamot; midnotes of jasmine, heliotrope, lily of the valley; basenotes of vanilla, sandalwood, creamy musk

Memoire Liquide Voleur 1.5ml spray £2.50
Voleur is the scent of amber, luxuriously smoothed and mellowed with white musk and honey

Accord Parfait Oriental 1.5ml spray £2.50
A blend of gorgeous deep Sumatran patchouli and deep rich white musk

Histoire de Parfums 1969 Revolt 1.5ml spray £2.50
A spicy Oriental fragrance with notes of cardamom, carnation, patchouli and white musk.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar £2 (jasmine and ylang ylang) x2
So White Bath Ballistic £2 (orange flower, bergamot, neroli, rose, apple)

Christmas Party Bath Ballistic £2 (Bucks Fizz - champagne and orange juice)
Father Frost Soap (approx 6oz) £2 (rose and geranium)
Snow Fairy Shower Gel 100g £3 (pink cotton candy, mixed with soothing vanilla)


Sarari: girsarari on September 9th, 2011 01:18 pm (UTC)
I would like the following LE decants:

Feast for the Greatly Revered Ones
Season of the Inundation
To Autumn

I'm in the UK so that would come to £7.50? Please let me know your PayPal address. Thanks!